Mary Kirkley

IG: @theuncoveredveil

Born on May 11, 1985, Mary Delane Kirkley is an American author who writes under the pseudo name the unCovered Veil. To her, the name serves the purpose of being everything that society does not allow her to be. Mary is a veteran of the U.S armed forces who dedicates her writing style to the portions of herself that she has collected along the way. Mary is an avid reader and lover of the renaissance era. Writing has always been an escape for her from a young age. Her belief in writing is that it allows your imagination to run wild with no opposition as to whether you are right or wrong. Submerging herself in what she describes as the audio to the mental movies she sees when she is writing, she captivates the audience in her tantalizing alliterations. Highlighting the romance even in a thriller Mary prides herself on how well she describes every facet of her work, including the aromas, color palette, character development, and storyline. The unCovered Veil first series is a gripping romance/thriller of love, passion, and pain.


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